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January Roundup: Running as Meditation, Healthy Cookies & More

The latest links worth clicking

Running is meditation: How to turn your runs into a legit mindfulness practice. Ommmm.

14 healthy cookie recipes: Sprint past those dangerous Girl Scouts and bake these instead.

How to ACTUALLY Instagram your food: Real-life tips for the non-photographers among us.

I’m a skinny bitch and proud of it: Weirdly obsessed with this workout for beautiful people.

6 tips for eating well at work: I interviewed Salesforce’s nutritionist, and here’s what she said.

5 ways to beat the winter blues: I’m pasty, pale, sad and sun-deprived. These tips help. Kinda.

Healthy food trends for 2016: Step aside, quinoa and kale. We’ve got new superfoods in town.


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December Roundup: Juice Bars, Hot Fitness Trends & More

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Delicious new Bay Area juice bars: How have I not heard of Elixiria? Def on my must-try list.

2016 fitness and wellness trends: Meditation, magnesium, matcha and more.

5 ways to enjoy the holidays and feel your best: Great ways to get back on track post-NYE.

The 15 best wellness books of 2015: I’ve got one down. Just 14 to go.

Cut major carbs with noodle-free lasagna: This zucchini lasagna looks easy and delicious.

Barry’s Bootcamp hits the Marina: Grab your Lulus and $18 Blue Barn salad. It’s happening.

Healthiest picks at fast food chains: If it’s gotta be Starbucks or Subway, here’s what to order.

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November Roundup: Partner Ab Workout, Toast Toppings & More

November Roundup: Partner Ab Workouts, Toast Toppings & More

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No-gym partner workout for your abs: Grab a buddy for these four waist-whittling moves.

10 ways to de-stress your day hour by hour: Great reminders to calm your days.

4 delicious toast toppings: Take toast from ho-hum to yum. Figs, ricotta and honey FTW.

Want to lose belly fat? Read this. Three ways to trim the fat – that don’t include exercise.

The 5 best organic wines: Plus how to pair ’em with your fave healthy dishes.

How successful business people spend their weekends: Savvy secrets worth stealing.

Why I only eat half: Okay, I need to start doing this.


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October Roundup: A Quickie Workout, Sparkling Cider Rosé & More

October roundup: a quickie workout, sparkling cider rosé & more

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10-minute at-home workout: Mountain climbers, jump squats and more to feel the burn fast.

Sparkling cider rosé all day: Just 3 ingredients and perfect for fall.

Where the New York Times thinks you should eat in SF: ...if you have only 36 hours.

Top 5 fitness myths demystified: Take that, thigh gap.

8 ways to sneak more veggies into your diet: Start with my yumtastic black bean brownies.

The chic new NYC studio that’s like DryBar for meditation: Ok, we need one of these.

5 ways to make the most of your morning: How to wake up on the right side of bed.


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September Roundup: Healthy San Francisco Guide, Sleep Tips & More

San Francisco's healthiest hot spots, drugstore beauty buys and more

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San Francisco’s healthy city guide: Juice, Pilates, yoga, Burn is an Editor’s Pick!

6 surprising tips for better sleep: Socks, headstands, and other alternatives to Ambien.

What real food looks like: This infographic takes the guesswork out of eating clean.

Best drugstore beauty buys: Printing this page for the next time I hit up Walgreens.

The best workout tights: Apparently there is life beyond Lulu.

5-ingredient butternut squash soup: Perfect for fall. And the fewer ingredients, the better.

3 choices that make ordinary lives extraordinary: Kinda woo-woo but I love these mantras.


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