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My 3 Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts

My 3 Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts | Bellini Bootcamp

It took me awhile to hop on the podcast train (I also only recently learned what “woke” means ... moving on), but now I love listening to 'em while commuting, running errands, jogging, you name it. And while sometimes a true crime thriller hits the spot, other times it’s nice to have lighter options that inspire me to continue progressing on my wellness journey (and after the indulgences of Super Bowl Sunday, let’s just say I am in dire need of a little fitspiration).


In the market for a helpful nutrition podcast, motivational fitness podcast, inspirational wellness podcast ... or just a positive way to pass time on your way home today? Here are my three favorites.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.02.14 PM.png

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

I’m obsessed with Lauryn Evarts’s blog The Skinny Confidential (that’s how I learned about GG crackers, shaving your face, jade rolling, the list goes on) and also follow her fabulous life on Instagram. Her podcast, which also stars her husband Michael, covers everything from career advice to healthy eating to travel tips and more. Get into it and thank me later.

A few to check out:

Episode 91: Dr. Dennis Gross - Youthful Glowing Skin & Stimulating Collagen

Episode 90: Tanya Zuckerbrot - The F-Factor Diet

Episode 98: Kelly LeVeeque - Be Well by Kelly


Beauty Inside & Out

Kimberly Snyder is a celebrity nutritionist (Kerry Washington, Channing Tatum, Reese Witherspoon, hello) and author who is all about a vegan, whole foods diet. My favorites are her weekly Q&A episodes, where she answers questions sent in by listeners, and I generally just love how this podcast inspires me to stick with a plant-based diet.

A few to check out:

Episode 197: How Digestion Determines Your Weight Loss

Episode 209: Shedding Light with ‘What the Health’s’ Keegan Kuhn

Episode 215: Infrared Health Benefits


On Air with Ella

Want real talk? You’ve come to the right place. Ella is just like us, except that she quit her business career to become a podcaster, entrepreneur and triathlete (while being a mom). Umm dream, right? She tackles all things diet, fitness and wellness with a healthy dose of humor. Don’t miss the Good/Bad/Yummy episodes – fun, quick musings on wellness topics and trends.

A few to check out:

Episode 130: Breaking the Nighttime Snacking habit

Episode 124: The Perfect Diet? Part I - Dr. John Berardi

Episode 100: Healthy at Home: Detox Your House!


Are there any other wellness podcasts I need to check out? Let me know in the comments!


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Your Ultimate Hangover Handbook

You came. You saw. You partied off 2017 til you couldn’t remember it (lucky).

And now you’re waking up to a beautiful new year, a fresh start … and a f***ing horrific hangover.

Never fear, my friends. I’ve been preparing for this. And so has the Internet, which has been sending helpful hangover remedies my way for years. Here are a few of the latest and greatest that will get you back on your feet and back to causing trouble in no time.

And on that note, I’m kicking off Sober January. And pretty freaking excited about it.

How to Get Through a Hangover: Eggs, homemade sports drinks, ginger and more

Natural Hangover Helpers: Miso soup, acupressure, B vitamins and more

10 Best Hangover Cures: Alka seltzer, sauna (YES), ginger tea and more

The Embarrassing Hangover Cure: One word. Pedialyte.

31 Weird Hangover Cures People Swear By: Weed, grilled cheese, a bath and more

How These 8 Yogis Deal with a Hangover: Green tea, bone broth, probiotics and more

DIY Hangover Kit: Advil, Kombucha, eye masks and more

Want even more ideas? Here ya go. There’s gotta be something that works in here


Nothing’s helping? Embrace the pain, grab a mimosa, and make brunch your bitch.



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12 Steps for Party Perfect Skin


(That's me before a recent holiday party, driving home from DryBar with full hair, makeup ... and sweats. Yes, I changed.)

Champagne, confetti, countdowns ... New Year's Eve is coming, whether you like it or not. And with it comes all the potentially unfiltered photos that will grace – or haunt – your social media for the next month. That means when you head out to whatever extravaganza you've got planned, you want to look and feel your best ... which means an outfit you love, hair on point (thanks, Drybar!) and most importantly, party-ready skin that looks fresh, not fried. Staying home to watch Mariah *try* to redeem herself at New Year's Rockin' Eve? It's still worth putting in a little extra time to wake up on January 1 with an enviable "this is my year" glow.

I'll preface this by saying that I am not one of those people who occasionally suds up with a bar of Dove soap and miraculously has a complexion like Lily Collins. Like many people, I struggle with breakouts, wrinkles, dark under-eye circles ... the list goes on (*sob*), so I do my best to stick to a regular skincare regimen to keep things in check. And, for big events. I like to add a few more special steps for glowing skin.

Whether you're heading to a casual dinner, a fancy soiree or just the local dive bar this NYE, here are a few night out skin secrets that will have you reaching for the selfie stick (hey, they actually do take good pix, okay) when the clock strikes midnight.

The night before

  1. Avoid salt. You don’t want your face to look like a puff ball, do you? So avoid anything laden with sodium, like processed and packaged foods, sauces, canned soups, etc.

  2. Chug depuffing drinks. I drink two, typically the night before an event AND the morning of the event if I can make it happen. Recipes for Ultra Lemon Water and Cranberry Flush are below.

  3. Steam. Set a pot of boiling water on the stove (bonus points if you add in dried herbs), then carefully (carefully!) hang your head about 10 inches above the pot. Drape a towel over your head to keep the steam in. This will help any gunk ooze out of your pores, which brings us to Step 3 ...

  4. Apply a detoxifying mask. Now that your pores are nice and clean and open, purge any buildup with a mask suited to your skin type. I switch it up, but usually like masks by Peter Thomas Roth, Aveda, GlamGlow and Glossier.

  5. Slather on an intensive moisturizer or oil, and eye cream. Moisturized skin is plump, bouncy, youthful … all things we’re going for, so lay on the hydration. I’ve been using this nighttime oil and this eye cream.

  6. Apply an overnight face mask. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so this is a great time to load it up with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. This is one of the only overnight masks I’ve tried that gives me visible results.

  7. Use two pillows. This will help fluid drain away from your face and prevent under-eye bags the size of carry-ons.

The day of

  1. Give yourself an ice facial. What’s an ice facial, you ask? It’s simple. Dump a tray of ice cubes into a large, shallow bowl, fill the rest with cold water, and dunk your clean face in for as long as you can stand. This will tighten up your pores and bring a beautiful flush to your cheeks. Kate Moss does this, so you know it’s legit. Make sure to hold your breath.

  2. Apply a hydrating sheet mask. Again with the moisture. Sheet masks are great because they really press ingredients into your skin. Look for ones featuring words like “luminous” “brighten” “hydrate” and “glow.” I recently used this one and liked it.

  3. Jade roll. I freaking love jade rolling. It’s basically a form of facial lymphatic massage that drains away excess fluid and puffiness (it also pushes those good mask ingredients in even further). Store yours in the freezer, then roll repeatedly over forehead, cheeks, eyes, sides of nose, chin, and neck. No jade roller? Massage your mask in with your fingertips, and place two frozen spoons over your eyes for a minute or two.

  4. Apply light moisturizer and depuffing eye cream. Ok, now it’s time to get down to business. Apply your daily moisturizer (I use this one) and a depuffing eye cream, and let them sink in for at least 10 minutes.

  5. Smooth on primer. Don’t miss this step!! Primer is critical for ensuring smooth, even makeup application. This one is an old standard. And, for brownie points, you can keep chugging depuffing drinks throughout the day.

Ultra Lemon Water

Wash 2 organic lemons and slice them in half.

Bring water to a boil.

Squeeze the lemon juice into the water, then throw in peels as well.

Let steep for at least 10 minutes.

Sip slowly.


Cranberry Flush

Blend ½ cup frozen cranberries with 1 cup water.


What are your favorite tips and products for amazing night-out skin? Please let me know ... I need 'em!


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What I Eat in a Day

BelliniBootcamp (26 of 28).jpg

Alright guys, Thanksgiving is behind us, and along with it all the buttery stuffing, gravy-sogged turkey, both kinds of pie, and excuses for “just one more” glass of wine (“My family drives me to drink”/”The holidays drive me to drink”/”Whatever, I’ll just do sober January” … take your pick).

It’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming, especially since the season of holiday parties (and hence, holiday dresses) is mere days away. So, I’m sharing what I eat on an average weekday.

Please note – this is most definitely not true for every weekday, and my weekends include a lot more indulgences like farmer’s market scrambles with a side of Bloody, fish tacos, you get the idea. Also, on an average day I drink 1-2 cups of decaf coffee with soy milk and Splenda, and as much water as I can force down. Also … La Croix. #basic

Breakfast: Blueberry Coconut Smoothie

I drink the same breakfast smoothie almost every day, based on the Fab Four Smoothie formula, and here’s what’s in it: one heaping handful of organic baby spinach, 1 cup unsweetened almond or cashew milk, 1 scoop vanilla coconut collagen protein powder, 1 TBS almond butter, 1 TBS flaxseed, 1 TBS chia seeds pre-soaked in water, ¼ cup frozen organic blueberries, 2 ice cubes. I blend it in the Vitamix, seal it in a mason jar, and drink it at the office. If I’m running late or the Vitamix is dirty, I’ll grab the Epic Green smoothie from Project Juice (obsessed).

Lunch: Power Bowl

The concept of a power bowl is simple – it’s any combination of roasted veggies, legumes and cooked grains you have on hand, topped with a healthy dollop of hummus and a big scoop of avocado. Typically I roast a big batch of veggies on Sunday and make either a pot of quinoa, farro, or black beans, then reheat as the day goes on. My favorite roasted veggies to include: broccoli, chickpeas, sweet potatoes or butternut squash, red onions and bell peppers. Also, after lunch I usually eat two or three chocolate-covered pretzels because I have a raging sweet tooth.

Snack: Trail Mix or Banana with Peanut Butter

Chalk this one up to laziness, because both of these options are just steps away in the Salesforce kitchen. I’ll either grab a heaping handful of trail mix, or slice up a banana and top it with a packet of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter.

Dinner: Seafood + Veggies + Grain

This one varies, and we for sure don’t have fish every night, but after my trending vegan journey started we pretty much never cook meat at home anymore, so that leaves seafood, veggies, and grains. A few easy options are salmon tacos or whole-wheat pasta mixed with zoodles and shrimp. We also get Gobble meals like pan-seared tilapia with garlic cilantro rice delivered (kinda like Blue Apron but wayyy faster to make). Oh, and I also can’t get enough of this vegan mac and cheese recipe with broccoli.

Dessert: “Healthy” Treat

I require a little dessert every night (remember, I have a raging sweet tooth), and I love to bake, so most weekends I whip up something sweet to carry me through the rest of the week. After dinner, in front of Bravo (fine, sometimes E!), I’ll have a mini ramekin of healthy chocolate chip cookie dough, a black bean brownie topped with almond butter, a raw date, coconut and cashew ball, or another healthy dessert.

And there you have it! Nothing too crazy but helps me stay on track, at least Monday through Friday. Now here’s hoping I can actually stick to it once the holiday sugar cookies stat magically showing up in the office …

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15 Favorites from My Month in Europe

Le sigh. It’s over?? Really?

I spent the month of April traveling around Europe (three weeks with Kevin, one week with my good friend Kay). We hopped around Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Croatia; explored the winding streets of Amsterdam, London, and Paris; and indulged in the pleasures and leisures of Provence. I logged up to 26,000 steps a day, drank wine at lunch (and dinner, and in between), read a ton of books, forgot what TV shows I’d been watching, and didn’t glance at my work email once. I threw my everyday to-dos (Eat healthy! Work out! Cook! Clean! Grocery shop! Be a productive member of society!) out the window and in true DGAF style, just did whatever the hell I wanted. It was, in a word, glorious.

The best part was that the entire time I felt so much more open to new experiences. My attitude was, bring it on – all of it. It was a yes to everything – yes to croissants, yes to seeing every old cathedral, yes to a jog through the polished streets of Dubrovnik. And although #vacationlife may be over (sob), I hope to bring more of that mentality into my regular life and continue to embrace the new, the different, and the “why nots” of the world.

From Bacvice Beach in Split to Hyde Park in London, the towers of Notre Dame to the crevices of the Anne Frank house, there were too many memorable moments to count. So, this is the highlights reel.

Let’s start with food. Obviously.

Best breakfast: The Happy Pig Pancake Shop, Amsterdam

Most adorable little corner shop with tons of sweet and savory rolled pancakes. I had apple, raisin, cinnamon with toasted almond slices – yum! They also have vegan and gluten-free options. (Close runner-up: every pastry I ate in France)

Best lunch: L’as du Fallafel, Paris

Gone in 60 seconds. That was the story of my insanely delicious (and cheap) falafel, eaten in the Jewish quarter of the amazing Le Marais district. Kevin’s gyros were equally fab.

Best dinner: L’Antica Trattoria, Sorrento

So much yum. A fancy (but not pretentious) three- or four-course dinner, complete with divine authentic Italian food, live music, great service, and a potential Mafioso at the table next to us.

Best pizza: Da Maria, Amalfi

We sat out on the sunny front patio, had a deliciously fresh pizza with gooey cheese – plus a bottle of white wine – and watched the passers-by down the main drag of Amalfi. Cheap, yummy, relaxing, all around bomb.


Best boozing: rosé all day, Aix-en-Provence

Provence is the birthplace of rosé. Or at least it feels like it is – crisp, blush-colored bottles line shelf after shelf of grocery and corner stores, and you can get them for 2 Euro a glass at the many sun-soaked patios that line the town’s winding streets. Heavenly.

Best workout: Path of the Gods hike, Positano

Il Sentiero degli Dei is a famous winding 3-hour hike along the Amalfi Coast with breathtaking views (and sheer cliffside drops that almost induced several panic attacks/tears from yours truly). We hiked from Praiano to Positano, starting with a 1,000 mile stair climb.

Best museum: Musee D’orsay, Paris

Obsessed. This museum is housed in a beautiful 19th century railway and boasts the largest collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings in the world. I strolled for several blissful hours past stunning works by Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh … (Close runner-up: the Banksy and Salvador Dali exhibit at Amsterdam’s Moco Museum.)

Best otherworldly experience: The Blue Grotto, Capri

I never thought it was possible for a watery cave to actually glow. But this one does, and it's breathtaking. We paddled through the grotto mouth in a tiny rowboat (manned by a wiry Italian singing a deep baritone), then floated in awe on the sparkling, mezmerizing azure waters.

Best night out: Les Miserables, London

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men … okay I’ll try to contain myself here but I am clearly a HUGE Les Mis fan. This show at the Queen’s Theatre exceeded my incredibly high expectations. Vive le France!

Best view: Walls of Dubrovnik

Okay, so Dubrovnik was pretty much our favorite stop of the trip (message me for more – I can go on). Medieval walls encircling breathtaking red-roofed homes, hugged on all sides by the bluer-than-blue Adriatic Sea. Look familiar? You’ve probably seen it on Game of Thrones.

Best bone-chilling experience: The Catacombs, Paris

We wound our way down a seemingly never-ending spiral staircase and deep under the streets of Paris. And behold – we entered a cavernous maze of the artfully arranged skulls and bones of over 6 million people. Creepy, fascinating, totally cool. (Runner-up: Amsterdam's Red Light district :-/ )

Best stroll: Canals of Amsterdam

This was my first time to Amsterdam, and I could NOT get enough of the fairytale cottage houses, meandering canals, tiny bridges, and bikes, bikes, bikes everywhere. Every turn brought something beautiful and new.

Best sunny afternoon: Hvar, Croatia

A lounge chair, a cold glass of white wine, my Kindle, and 80 degree temps … what more could I ask for? (Fine, fine, yes I was wearing sunscreen). The party island of Hvar served up stunning sea views, sun-soaked rooftops, and alfresco bars. #donotdisturb #outofoffice

Best day trip: Palace of Versailles, France

Where do I even begin. Versailles is like a castle on crack. Luxury upon luxury, lavish and ornate everything, pristine gardens that extend as far as the eye can see (with plenty of opportunities to eat, boat, bike, and sun). Louis and Marie definitely knew how to live the good life. (Runner-ups: the ash-preserved city of Pompeii, Italy and the charming fishing village of Cassis, France).

Best book I read: A Year in Provence

I became so obsessed with the laid-back Provencal lifestyle that I gobbled up this book in a few days. Think Under the Tuscan Sun but in France, the literary equivalent of a delicious leisurely meal. (Runner-up: Sweetbitter, a darkly tantalizing look into NYC’s restaurant industry.)

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