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August Roundup: Apricot Granola, Whole Foods Drops Prices & More


The latest links worth clicking


Apricot-hazelnut granola recipe: Made this last weekend and it is SO. GOOD.

Hallelujah! Lower prices at Whole Foods: From eggs to bananas, your full list of cheapies.

10 healthy eating Instagram accounts to follow: Bring on the food inspo.

How to sleep like a baby on airplanes: Attempting all these on my flight to NYC tonight.

9 new things to buy at Trader Joe’s in August: Coconut cold brew, onion salt and more.

What to expect at your first SoulCycle class: Lots of sweat, little personal space.

Kitchen tools to save and splurge on: Guess I didn’t need that $150 cast-iron skillet.

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5 Friday Favorites

Five fabulous things I’m loving this week.



I just discovered this adorable hole-in-the-wall natural cafe and juicery in the Mission and I. AM. OBSESSED. The vibe is cozy hipster bohemian and the menu is out of control - goji turmeric smoothies, chia seed and hemp oatmeal, raw vegan cheesecake, you get the picture. I had the citrus hazelnut kale salad with figs, carrots, sprouts, oranges, toasted hazelnuts and avocado (above), and the quinoa bowl with roasted veggies was also amaze. Can I move in?


5 Pound Weights in SoulCycle

I’ve been going to Soul off and on for years, and have always defaulted to the 3 pound weights (and P.S. they are not easy – we’re talking about tons of fast-paced reps). But a few weeks ago I was there with my friend Megan (who’s preggers and fitspo to le max), and saw her immediately go for the 5s. So I figured, what the hell. Yes, it was harder. Yes, I had to stop to rest a few times. But it felt so good to push myself and I know I’m going to keep coming back for more. Check out this article to see if you’re ready to go up in weights.


Running in Glen Canyon Park

Back when we lived closer to the Marina, I used to run constantly … to the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Ferry Building, up and down the slopes of Russian Hill. Since we moved to Noe Valley, I’ve fallen out of the habit. My excuse: there are too many hills and too many crosswalks (I also don’t have my running buddies nearby to hold me accountable). But recently I discovered a beautiful 3-mile loop from my house through Glen Canyon Park. It’s a trail run with wooden steps and inclines, forest paths, and gorgeous views, and feels like you're not even in the city anymore. I’m hooked again.


Cheap Bikinis from Zaful

It’s summer, which means sun, which means beaches, which means bikini season. But honestly, I already own a TON of bathing suits, and in foggy San Francisco I really don’t need any more. So I’ve been ordering a few fun, insanely cheap bikinis online … for like, $13. Yeah, they’re probably going to fall apart after a month, and yeah, the sizing and fit leave something to be desired. But they satisfy my shopping urge, are great for mixing it up in pix, and keep me from breaking the bank. My latest purchases: this, this, and this.


Epsom Salt Baths

Work stress (at least for me) is a fact of life, so lately I’ve been proactive about finding more healthy ways to deal with it. My latest relaxation technique is soaking in an epsom salt bath. You can buy the salts anywhere (I got mine at Walgreens) and they boast a host of health benefits – they break down into magnesium and sulfate in the water to help ease pain sore muscles, improve sleep, reduce stress, flush, aid your body’s absorption of nutrients, and treat everything from psoriasis to bruises. Plus you’re lying in a hot bath which is heaven anyway. Sold.


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February Roundup: Wake Up Happier, Best Bloody Marys & More

February Roundup: Wake Up Happier, Best Bloody Marys & More

The latest links worth clicking

10 ways to wake up happier every morning: Think more flowers, less Facebook.

The San Francisco Bloody Mary hit list: Boozing at brunch? Hit up these city hot spots.

Oscars red carpet looks we're still talking about: Charlize, Cate, and more who slaaayed.

Delicious ways to upgrade your oatmeal: Savory oatmeal with cheddar and fried egg FTW.

Trader Joe’s products to keep on hand: I’m a big fan of their almond butter and coconut oil.

13 simple ways to improve your mood: Super easy ideas for when you’re feeling blah.

Quick and easy black bean burgers: Made these the other night - just 6 ingredients and YUM.


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January Roundup: Running as Meditation, Healthy Cookies & More

The latest links worth clicking

Running is meditation: How to turn your runs into a legit mindfulness practice. Ommmm.

14 healthy cookie recipes: Sprint past those dangerous Girl Scouts and bake these instead.

How to ACTUALLY Instagram your food: Real-life tips for the non-photographers among us.

I’m a skinny bitch and proud of it: Weirdly obsessed with this workout for beautiful people.

6 tips for eating well at work: I interviewed Salesforce’s nutritionist, and here’s what she said.

5 ways to beat the winter blues: I’m pasty, pale, sad and sun-deprived. These tips help. Kinda.

Healthy food trends for 2016: Step aside, quinoa and kale. We’ve got new superfoods in town.


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December Roundup: Juice Bars, Hot Fitness Trends & More

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.31.31 PM.png

The latest links worth clicking

Delicious new Bay Area juice bars: How have I not heard of Elixiria? Def on my must-try list.

2016 fitness and wellness trends: Meditation, magnesium, matcha and more.

5 ways to enjoy the holidays and feel your best: Great ways to get back on track post-NYE.

The 15 best wellness books of 2015: I’ve got one down. Just 14 to go.

Cut major carbs with noodle-free lasagna: This zucchini lasagna looks easy and delicious.

Barry’s Bootcamp hits the Marina: Grab your Lulus and $18 Blue Barn salad. It’s happening.

Healthiest picks at fast food chains: If it’s gotta be Starbucks or Subway, here’s what to order.

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