My 3 Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts

My 3 Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts | Bellini Bootcamp

It took me awhile to hop on the podcast train (I also only recently learned what “woke” means ... moving on), but now I love listening to 'em while commuting, running errands, jogging, you name it. And while sometimes a true crime thriller hits the spot, other times it’s nice to have lighter options that inspire me to continue progressing on my wellness journey (and after the indulgences of Super Bowl Sunday, let’s just say I am in dire need of a little fitspiration).


In the market for a helpful nutrition podcast, motivational fitness podcast, inspirational wellness podcast ... or just a positive way to pass time on your way home today? Here are my three favorites.

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

I’m obsessed with Lauryn Evarts’s blog The Skinny Confidential (that’s how I learned about GG crackers, shaving your face, jade rolling, the list goes on) and also follow her fabulous life on Instagram. Her podcast, which also stars her husband Michael, covers everything from career advice to healthy eating to travel tips and more. Get into it and thank me later.

A few to check out:

Episode 91: Dr. Dennis Gross - Youthful Glowing Skin & Stimulating Collagen

Episode 90: Tanya Zuckerbrot - The F-Factor Diet

Episode 98: Kelly LeVeeque - Be Well by Kelly


Beauty Inside & Out

Kimberly Snyder is a celebrity nutritionist (Kerry Washington, Channing Tatum, Reese Witherspoon, hello) and author who is all about a vegan, whole foods diet. My favorites are her weekly Q&A episodes, where she answers questions sent in by listeners, and I generally just love how this podcast inspires me to stick with a plant-based diet.

A few to check out:

Episode 197: How Digestion Determines Your Weight Loss

Episode 209: Shedding Light with ‘What the Health’s’ Keegan Kuhn

Episode 215: Infrared Health Benefits


On Air with Ella

Want real talk? You’ve come to the right place. Ella is just like us, except that she quit her business career to become a podcaster, entrepreneur and triathlete (while being a mom). Umm dream, right? She tackles all things diet, fitness and wellness with a healthy dose of humor. Don’t miss the Good/Bad/Yummy episodes – fun, quick musings on wellness topics and trends.

A few to check out:

Episode 130: Breaking the Nighttime Snacking habit

Episode 124: The Perfect Diet? Part I - Dr. John Berardi

Episode 100: Healthy at Home: Detox Your House!


Are there any other wellness podcasts I need to check out? Let me know in the comments!


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