2 Minute Book Review: The New Health Rules

2 Minute Book Review: The New Health Rules

Because who has more than two minutes to spend reading a book review, amiright? Like, should I read the freaking book or not? Anyway. Here’s the lowdown.

What it is:

A no-nonsense health and wellness Bible that wades through all the conflicting info out there and condenses the results into simple, short rules (like, really short). The author, Frank Lipman, M.D., is a celebrity doctor and physician who’s been featured on Oprah, and this book is a New York Times bestseller. Get the scoop here.


Why I liked it:

Fast read. Seriously, I whizzed through this thing. NBD.

Simple and straightforward. Each health rule has one accompanying paragraph about it ... and that’s it. Done. Onto the next.

No overly complicated scientific mumbo jumbo. When a protein is digested in the intestine, it is broken down into amino acids and zzzzzzzzzzz. None of that here, thank God.

Progressive and current. Outdated health practices like counting calories, fat-free, hours of cardio etc. are nowhere to be found. It’s called the NEW rules for a reason.

The rules make sense… High-intensity interval training. Plant based diets. Healthy fats. Check, check, check.

...but many were still new to me. After years devouring Women’s Health and Mind Body Green, I thought I’d heard it all. Apparently not.


Sneak peek at the rules:

  • Why bread and gluten are no bueno
  • How to make food prep faster and more efficient
  • What workouts you’ll actually stick with
  • If you learn only one yoga pose, make it this one (nope, it’s not savasana)
  • The supplements you should take every day
  • The four things you need for a good night’s sleep


The bottom line:

I’d definitely recommend this book. It was so easy and fun to read, and inspired me to recommit to healthy habits. The best part is that there are SO many rules in there that you can choose to focus on just the ones that are important to you. Get it now.

Have you read The New Health Rules? Let me know what you thought, or any other wellness books you’d recommend!


Posted on April 19, 2016 and filed under Lifestyle.