January Roundup: Running as Meditation, Healthy Cookies & More

The latest links worth clicking

Running is meditation: How to turn your runs into a legit mindfulness practice. Ommmm.

14 healthy cookie recipes: Sprint past those dangerous Girl Scouts and bake these instead.

How to ACTUALLY Instagram your food: Real-life tips for the non-photographers among us.

I’m a skinny bitch and proud of it: Weirdly obsessed with this workout for beautiful people.

6 tips for eating well at work: I interviewed Salesforce’s nutritionist, and here’s what she said.

5 ways to beat the winter blues: I’m pasty, pale, sad and sun-deprived. These tips help. Kinda.

Healthy food trends for 2016: Step aside, quinoa and kale. We’ve got new superfoods in town.


Posted on February 8, 2016 and filed under Roundups.