My Week in Workouts


I’m pretty much obsessed with working out. Anyone surprised? Anyone?

Seriously, working out keeps me feeling healthy, happy, strong and sane. I started seriously focusing on my fitness about six years ago, and it’s amazing how much more confident I am now. Getting fit has also made it easier for me to handle tough or stressful situations, because working out is both a form of meditation and an emotional outlet for me. If I sweat it out in the morning, I’m energized and ready to take on the day; if I work out in the evening, I blow off any steam or work stress so I can enjoy the night ahead. It’s also one of my favorite things to do with my friends and family! Basically, working out is something I can’t live without.

BUT ... I get bored easily. Over the years, I’ve gone through phases including long-distance running, bootcamp, TRX, barre, Burn, you name it. Since I moved to my new Noe Valley hood, I can’t get enough of Spin and Lagree Fitness (a.k.a “Pilates on crack") at Core40's Noe-Mission studio (in an old church - so cool), but I also make an effort to mix it up to keep my muscles and my mind guessing. A few days ago I tried my first P90X workout at the Salesforce fitness center and yeah … I still can't lift my arms.

Anyway, here’s what a typical week of workouts looks like for me lately.

Sunday: Barry’s Bootcamp

Sixty minutes of getting my butt kicked in alternating sprints and heavy-ass weights, burpees, crunches and all the others. Sweaty and sometimes painful, but always worth it.

Monday: Core40 Full Body

My absolute fave. This Lagree class full of plank-to-pikes and super-slow lunges makes you shake to your core for 40 nonstop minutes.

Tuesday: Rest day!

Wednesday: CorePower Yoga Sculpt

Zen this is not. High-energy yoga with weights, cardio bursts, pushups, bicep curls, you name it. Oh, did I mention it’s a bazillion degrees? Sixty minutes and I’m drenched. And just disgusting.

Thursday: SoulCycle

Tapping it back to the beat and spinning those legs like crazy for 45 minutes, including a fast-paced set of arm weights and some motivational soul-searching. A good mood is guaranteed after.

Friday: Core40 Combo

The best of both worlds: 25 minutes of Spin, 25 minutes of Pilates. It moves FAST and before you know it, cardio and strength training are done and done.

Saturday: Lyon Street Steps

Met up with my girlfriends for a DIY bootcamp workout: strength moves like squats and Russian twists alternated with runs up the steps. Sunny, social, and so much fun. Followed with brunch and bellinis because … it’s us. Find more great stairs to run in SF here.

What do you think? Any faves, or other workouts I should be trying? Let me know! xoxo


Posted on February 24, 2016 and filed under Fitness.