7 Places to Score Avocado Toast in San Francisco

7 Places to Score Avocado Toast in San Francisco | Bellini Bootcamp

Ahhhhhh. Avocado toast. Although it may not be the trendiest item on the menu anymore, it still tastes freaking delicious. And honestly, smearing an almost-ripe-but-not-quite avocado on a piece of Oroweat in your kitchen just isn’t the same as indulging in a decadent, crusty, oil-soaked concoction that costs $4.50 (or more) and is worth every penny. Here’s where to get ’em in the city.

Frog Hollow Farm (Ferry Building): Fresh, toasted Acme green onion focaccia smothered with ripe avocado slices and topped with olive oil, pepper, sea salt and garlic. Get a full order or a half order with a peach side salad and snag one of Frog Hollow’s outdoor tables on the waterfront.


La Capra (FiDi): Two slices of crunchy baguette covered in smashed avocado, olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkled with togarashi chili powder. Enjoy with an almond milk latte and a side of hot, crispy, chocolatey beignets. Okay, now I'm drooling...


Jane (Pac Heights): Ask for the hummus, avocado and tomato toast on their deliciously dense gluten-free quinoa bread (hold the cucumbers). The long line moves pretty quickly, which will give you time to window shop up and down Fillmore once your belly is full.


Reveille Coffee (North Beach, Castro): Acme levain with olive oil, salt and pepper (make sure to add the fried egg). Grab a window seat at the North Beach location or post up on the outdoor patio in the Castro for priceless people-watching.


Park Tavern (North Beach): Seeded whole wheat sourdough plus avocado, chile, lemon and sea salt. Order as a starter at brunch before you move on to your Marlowe burger, and wash it all down with a bellini or four (duh).


Native Company (FiDi): Pain au levain with spicy smashed avocado, sea salt, lemon zest, micro greens and chili flakes. Get it to go (not a ton of ambiance here), along with a banana-date-lavender smoothie. Trust me.

Cafe St. Jorge (Bernal Heights): Wheat toast with creamy avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, chili flakes and sea salt in a quaint little neighborhood cafe. Want more options? Customize your order on a bagel, gluten-free toast or a Portuguese sweet roll. Holy yum.


*Unfortunately, I haven't been able to sample all of the amazing avocado toasts in the city (yet). If you have recommendations, let me know in the comments section!


Posted on August 3, 2015 and filed under Food, San Francisco.