Top 6 Stairs to Run in San Francisco

Sunrise from the top of the Vallejo Street Steps

Looking for a seriously booty-blasting workout that’s also free? Umm...yes. I’m a huge fan of running San Francisco’s beautiful (and sometimes hidden) staircases. It’s a killer high-intensity cardio workout, sculpts your legs and butt and feels sooo good just to be out in the fresh air. Plus the views at the top are amaze. Here are a few of my favorites.

Filbert Street Steps: Picturesque winding wooden stairs up to Coit Tower, past bohemian gardens and potentially a few Telegraph Hill parrots. Love love love it.

Lombard Street: C’mon, we all know this one. Run up the stairs alongside the world’s windiest street, or hit the middle of the road (watch for cars!) for an added challenge.

Vallejo Street Steps: Secret sprawling steps past beautiful Russian Hill homes. Bonus: there are few runners so it’s nice and quiet. (Sunrise view from the top is pictured above)

Lyon Street Steps: Okay, so this is a scene. Gorgeous, yes. Steep, yes. Full of boot camps and personal trainers, yes. Wear your cutest Lulus because you’ll definitely be running into people here.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps: A little bit of a trek if you don’t live in the Sunset, but totally worth it: these majestic mosaic steps are absolutely breathtaking. Oh, and there’s parking. #win

Chestnut Street Steps (between Polk & Larkin): Pressed for time or kinda looking like shit? This is the staircase for you. Nice and short so you can get a lot of reps in and get outta there, plus usually empty if you're looking to avoid human contact of any kind.

Posted on February 16, 2015 and filed under San Francisco, Fitness.