December Roundup: Juice Bars, Hot Fitness Trends & More

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The latest links worth clicking

Delicious new Bay Area juice bars: How have I not heard of Elixiria? Def on my must-try list.

2016 fitness and wellness trends: Meditation, magnesium, matcha and more.

5 ways to enjoy the holidays and feel your best: Great ways to get back on track post-NYE.

The 15 best wellness books of 2015: I’ve got one down. Just 14 to go.

Cut major carbs with noodle-free lasagna: This zucchini lasagna looks easy and delicious.

Barry’s Bootcamp hits the Marina: Grab your Lulus and $18 Blue Barn salad. It’s happening.

Healthiest picks at fast food chains: If it’s gotta be Starbucks or Subway, here’s what to order.

Posted on January 2, 2016 and filed under Roundups.