November Roundup: Partner Ab Workout, Toast Toppings & More

November Roundup: Partner Ab Workouts, Toast Toppings & More

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No-gym partner workout for your abs: Grab a buddy for these four waist-whittling moves.

10 ways to de-stress your day hour by hour: Great reminders to calm your days.

4 delicious toast toppings: Take toast from ho-hum to yum. Figs, ricotta and honey FTW.

Want to lose belly fat? Read this. Three ways to trim the fat – that don’t include exercise.

The 5 best organic wines: Plus how to pair ’em with your fave healthy dishes.

How successful business people spend their weekends: Savvy secrets worth stealing.

Why I only eat half: Okay, I need to start doing this.


Posted on December 2, 2015 and filed under Roundups.