8 Healthy Lunches in Downtown San Francisco (That Aren’t Salads)

8 healthy lunches in downtown San Francisco

Sick of salads? I hear ya. Luckily, there are other ways to eat healthy while you’re on the job. Here are a few of my favorite guilt-free lunches in the Financial District. Bonus points if you enjoy 'em somewhere other than your desk.

Hummus toast from Native Co: Wheat bread with house hummus, radish, fennel and herb salad (pictured). Add avocado, and get a small You’ve Got Kale smoothie to make it a meal.

Spicy trio bowl from Bamboo: Brown rice plus spicy salmon, tuna, yellowtail and veggies, topped with jalapenos and dynamite sauce. I can’t get enough of this place.

Burrito bowl from Eatsa: Lemon-herb toasted quinoa bowl filled with guacamole, salsa, corn, pinto beans, grilled corn and more. So filling and don’t worry – the line moves quickly.

Wasabi burger from The Plant: Veggie burger with wasabi raspberry aioli, sauerkraut and pickled radish. Add avocado (always), then get it on a whole-wheat bun or lettuce wrap.

Vegan lasagna from Proper Foods: Eggplant, squash, beets, spinach, mushrooms, marinara sauce and cashew cheese, all wrapped up and ready to serve hot.

California veggie sandwich from Boudin’s: Avocado, tomato, onions, lettuce, sprouts and more on toasted whole-wheat bread. You can also get a half sandwich and pair with salad.

Chicken spring rolls from Freshroll Vietnamese: Juicy chicken, fresh veggies and avocado wrapped up in rice paper and dunked in peanut sauce. Lots of options to customize too.

Kaiser bowl from Blue Hawaii Acai Cafe: Acai blended with spirulina and topped with bananas, berries, granola and honey. Perfect for days when you’re craving something sweet.


Posted on November 5, 2015 and filed under Food, San Francisco.