10 Tips for Successful Day Drinking

10 Tips for Successful Day Drinking

“Day drinking is not an activity. It’s a lifestyle.” - Anonymous

A bottomless mimosa brunch. A wine bus to Napa. A sunny Saturday in the park. Any event that takes place on a boat. Fleet Week.

Opportunities to day drink are all around us, all the time – especially if you live in San Francisco. And, needless to say, they are SO FUN. But once you enter the magical world of Bloodys and bellinis, it’s easy to get carried away. One minute you’re maturely sipping prosecco at Rose’s Cafe, the next you’re waking up with a Comet Club hand stamp and a $37 receipt from Pizza Orgasmica. It’s a slippery slope.

That’s why you have to be strategic and plan ahead in order to make it to the other side feeling...fine (what, did you think I would say refreshed? Fabulous? I wish). In honor of all the Fleet Week fun to be had this weekend, here are my top ten tips for successful day drinking.

  1. Remember the basics. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a rookie and already know the obvious things you’re supposed to do when it comes to drinking: don’t drink on an empty stomach, alternate one drink with one glass of water, stick to the same type of alcohol, don’t drink crazy sugary cocktails, blah blah blah. You may not always do these things (been there), but you should at least give it the ol' college try.

  2. Push back your start time. That means 2 p.m. is better than 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. is better than 2 p.m. The later you take your first sip, the fewer hours left in the day you can drink, and the less likely you are to go overboard. It’s a simple equation that even we non-math-majors can keep in mind.

  3. Set your alarm. Decide in advance what time you want to go home...or at the very least, what time you want to stop drinking. I’d recommend six hours after start time being your maximum. Then set an alarm on your phone with a reminder to slow your roll. Do not snooze it or ignore it, although you’ll probably want to.

  4. Pack your medicine. No, not that – jeez – I’m talking about hangover-preventing pills. Take one after your first drink and you’re golden(ish). Seriously, they’ve really worked for me in the past. Placebo effect? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

  5. Find a buddy. Partner up with a friend so you can hold each other accountable throughout the day. Figure out what your drinking plan is and how you’re going to get home. Strength in numbers, people!

  6. Switch locations. Go somewhere else. Anywhere else. Especially if you are walking. Moving the party from one bar or house to another will force you to take a break, get some air, and metabolize some of the booze before starting again at your new spot.   

  7. Don’t take shots. Feel free to ignore this step if you are 20 years old and living in Isla Vista. Everyone else: just say no. You’re day drinking. That means drinks are all around you. And you do not need shots. Trust me on this.

  8. Dance! Getting your whip and nae nae on will burn calories and kill time between drinks, since you need to put your drink down in order to get that serious arm action in. Plus you can show off your mad skillz. Highly recommended at pool parties.

  9. Eat protein. Protein-rich party foods will fill you up and help control your blood-alcohol levels. Think cheese and charcuterie, a handful of nuts, deviled eggs, sliders or mozzarella sticks (hey, YOLO).

  10. Prep your pillow. When you come home from an aggressive day of drinking, the following items should be resting on your pillow: two Advil, one B vitamin, one bottled water, one coconut water, one Pedialyte and one package of face wipes. Pajamas optional.


And there you have it! May we all achieve drinking success this Fleet Week. Hopefully I’ll see some of you out there!

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Have any additional tips I may have missed? Leave ’em in the comments below!


Posted on October 8, 2015 and filed under San Francisco, Lifestyle.